Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time With Friends = A Good Time

This past weekend was pretty awesome. It has made starting the new week pretty tough! I just want to relish in doing nothing productive a little longer. Thankfully Thanksgiving break is coming along quickly as well as the end of the semester.

Friday, Erin had a dance performance and I went to see her! It was such a good show. There was a wide variety of styles and I was in awe at all the talent in the room. After the show, Erin went out to dinner and I got crafty. I found this snowflake tutorial and had to try it out! I love they way they look hanging from my ceiling. And a plus is that they don't look too Christmasy, so I could leave them up all year if I wanted to.

When Erin got back from dinner, her and I stayed up late talking. It was great to have some girl-time with her. I need to appreciate every moment we have together before we both go abroad in the spring.

Saturday was very relaxing. I went to the gym and then sat around and read my book (I should have been doing school work, but oh well). Erin had another show, and afterwards, two of our friends came over to watch a movie. We ended up talking for a while before actually starting the movie at 1:30am. After a long decision process, we chose "Sydney White", a movie from the early 2000s starring Amanda Bynes in her prime. It was such a funny movie - lots of laughs. It was set on a college campus and we got a kick at how unrealistic it was. After the movie was over we starting talking again and before we knew it it was 6:00am!! Oops! Even though we stayed up much too late, I wouldn't take back those awesome conversations for anything.

On Sunday, after sleeping in until noon (which was still too early), Erin and I went to go see our school's theater production of Peter Pan. They did such a good job! Since it was a Sunday matinée, there was a lot of little kids there. A lot of them were dressed up as Tinker Bell or Pirates. I think it was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. After the performance, we went to go pick up a few things from Wal-Mart and ended up wandering into World Market as well. I had never been in a World Market, and Oh My Groceries, I am in love. Two hours later, I walked out with two scarfs and a headband, but I could have bought so much more!

My weekend was action-packed, but I loved every second of it. I am so glad I got to spend quality time with some great ladies.

What did you do this weekend?

Love y'all, Robin Malia

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