Monday, November 25, 2013

Take What You Need

Erin and I like to have a little something on our doors for the people walking by to see. Erin saw this pin, and told me we should do something similar. I agreed right away! Especially with exam week coming up, people always need a little something extra. I must say, I love the way the metallic Sharpies look on the black paper.

We made the tabs three layers thick so that multiple people could take them. We put this up a few days ago and quite a few of the tabs are already gone. 

As a little extra, we wrote relatable Bible verses on the back of each tab. We loved this addition because it adds a bit more comfort to a troubling time, and reading my Bible always calms me down, so hopefully we can help others as well. 

What do you need? I'll post any of the Bible Verses you want in the comments.

Love y'all, Robin Malia

1 comment:

  1. Which bible verses did you use for each "need"? Definitely something I need to incorporate! Could you list them?