Thursday, January 31, 2013

Confession: I'm Addicted to Nail Polish

I just love it. 

All of it. 

Every time I am in a store that sells nail polish I feel compelled to buy another.

 I can always justify it in my head: 
I don't have this color.
 My color similar to this is running out. 
This one is shiny. 
This one isn't shiny. 

I will never stop buying nail polish. Ever.

Considering my collection is quickly growing, I had to find a new storage method. 

My little makeup bag wasn't cutting it any more. For a while I kept them all in the bag you get when you buy a pair of TOMS (my favorite shoes ever), but I had to dump out the whole bag whenever I needed a certain color. 

Well I went into my friend Alex's room the other day and she had all of her nail polish in a Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer just like the one that was sitting empty in my closet looking for a purpose in life!

Lets just say that the second I got back to my room I put all of my nail polish in my hanging organizer! 

One of my cousins knows about my nail polish obsession and she also knows somebody who hand-makes glitter nail polishes! The company is called Shimmer Polish and you can have custom colors made. 

I went to my mailbox today and much to my delight, my cousin had sent me a custom nail polish named after me! 

Now thats my kind of gift! 

I hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Project Runway!

I don't watch many television shows on a regular basis except Project Runway and Downton Abbey

Well Project Runway Season 11 premiers tonight at 9 o'clock and I am so excited! 

Let me know what television shows you keep up with!

Have a wonderful day:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Second Semester Goals!

Spring semester just started last week and I already have a ton of work on my plate. I’m taking six classes this semester - one more than the recommended five.

While I have a lot of work to do, I have a few hopes and goals to keep me going during the semester. 

I plan to always get all of my homework done the day before it is due as well as start any projects/speeches/essays started as soon as I can. 

I also have a goal to make sure to spend time for myself and not allow myself to get overwhelmed from all my school work I have to do. 

I just have to remember that I’ll be done with it all by May 9th! 

Have a wonderful day:)